Submit Your Product Authors
If you have a manuscript for to consider for publication, please e-mail

If you have an idea for a new title or have already completed copy on a sports related subject area, we would be happy to hear from you and review your work.

You will receive a form to complete, which will be treated as confidential and will be considered by our Product Development Team. We usually respond with feedback within three months of submission. Experts
We are constantly looking for experts in specialist sports related fields to provide advice, review content and help us develop new products. If you believe you have the relevant experience and wish to become a expert, please complete our form. Suppliers
If you have produced or published a product, which you believe would interest our customers, we'd like to hear more about your product and your organisation.

The supplier process is in two parts.

Firstly, you will need to apply to become a supplier by completing and submitting a supplier approval form. Secondly, you will need to tell us about your products by completing a product proposal form for each product.

Please fill in a request for the forms and provide us with a short synopsis of your company. We'll review your proposal and get back to you.