Introducing The Rowing Fitness Test

Brand new test that determines gym users Aerobic Fitness Levels

Following the release of the most reliable and easy to use aerobic fitness test - The Multistage Fitness Test (also known as the 'bleep test') - sports coach UK now bring you a new fitness test using an indoor rowing machine.

Developed by sports coach UK, the lead agency for coaching in the UK, the Rowing Fitness Test app is designed to give gym users and personal trainers a quick and easy measure of aerobic fitness.

Rowing has become a very popular form of physical activity, as well as a competitive sport. Rowing ergometers can be seen in most gymnasia and provide a whole body workout requiring the ability to sustain a high aerobic capacity. An incremental maximal oxygen uptake test (VO2max test) provides the best indicator of an individual's aerobic fitness. VO2max has also been found to be a very strong predictor of 2000-metre rowing performance.

This test works when a person incrementally increases their stroke rate until the desired stroke rate cannot be maintained. The stroke rate is controlled by a series of bleeps. These bleeps start slow, but get progressively faster. The rower stops when they cannot maintain the desired stroke rate, and the time at which they stop provides a good indicator of their maximal oxygen uptake (20-50ml/kg/min).

The Rowing Fitness Test app includes written instructions and a video demonstration of how to use the app, and a table explaining the results. All you need is to perform the test on a rowing ergometer (ideally Concept 2) and a set of headphones.

What's included?

  • Full instructions of how to use the app
  • Health and Safety information
  • Useful videos
  • Multiple profiles for Male and Females
  • Supporting information about VO2 max
  • Graphical display of past results
  • Links to Facebook and Twitter

Watch this video to find out more about the test: