UK Dodgeball Association

Dodgeball is a new sport that is easy to set up and has a set of rules that are easy for children to learn quickly. It is an exciting way for children of all abilities to improve their coordination. The game is non-contact, and with soft balls, injury is highly unlikely. And best of all, dodgeball is a very active game, giving children a full body workout as they play.

Mini Leaders Award allows Upper Key Stage 2 pupils the chance to learn leadership skills and new formats of the sport in a totally practical way.

Leadership Award puts basic leadership skills such as communication and organisation into a sport-specific context, with the aim of training young people so that they can lead others in the sport of dodgeball.

Coaching Juniors Award is available to school children aged 14–16. The course is a governing body of sport recognised qualification and will enable the successful candidate to lead a session under the guidance of a PE teacher or Level 2 coach.

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