School Induction Pack for Adults Supporting Learning (Including Coaches and Volunteers): A Framework for Development

School Induction Pack for Adults Supporting Learning (Including Coaches and Volunteers): A Framework for Development

School Induction Pack for Adults Supporting Learning (Including Coaches and Volunteers): A Framework for Development

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A comprehensive pack for Adults Supporting Learning in school PE

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  • Everything you need for an adult delivering PE in school without a teaching qualification

    *Replaces the School Induction Pack for AOTTS

    This pack shows you how to provide a professional induction for anyone involved in delivering PE in school, who does not have a recognised teaching qualification.

    Who are Adults Supporting Learning (ASL)?

    local authority sports development officers (SDOs), national governing body (NGB) coaches and development officers, community and other sports coaches, instructors, parents and helper, community sports leaders, further education (FE)/higher education (HE) college students and trainees who are undergoing initial teacher-training programmes.

    Working through the pack with them you will help your ASL become more familiar with the protocol and ethos of your school. You are provided with a step-by-step manual to guide them through practicalities, such as kit policy, and more sensitive issues, such as child protection.

    This full pack:

    • highlights the value of ASL who assist in physical education (PE) and school sport
    • provides guidance and offers support material for teachers, head teachers and governors when inducting ASL into the school environment and ethos
    • reminds schools that they have a responsibility to both young people and ASL
    • assists schools in increasing the effectiveness of ASL contribution to physical education and school sport
    • reminds schools of their responsibility to provide support and guidance for the ASL in the wider educational context
    • supports teachers working with ASL
    • helps new ASL understand and carry out their roles in the education process
    • assists teachers in encouraging ASL to move forward and progress
    • provides information that can support the development of ASL.
  • Author: sports coach UK and The Association for Physical Education
  • Copyright Year: 2006
  • Length: 44 pages
  • Section 1: Introduction

    • Welcome to the School Induction Pack
    • Who are Adults Supporting Learning? (ASL)
    • What Support is Available?
    • Working with ASL

    Section 2: Guidelines for Good Practice

    • Screening of ASL
    • Core Principles in Children's Physical Education and School Sport
    • Do's and Don'ts
    • Duty of Care
    • Safeguarding and Protecting Children - Ensuring Safe Learning, Teaching and Coaching Practice

    Section 3: Induction and Planning

    • Welcome to the School
    • Information Relating to the Physical Education Session

    Section 4: Monitoring, Evaluating and Reviewing

    • Benefits for ASL
    • Benefits for Young People

    Section 5: Moving On

    • Development Opportunities
    • Further Information

    Section 6: Summary

    • Key Issues Raised in this Pack
    • The Development of ASL



    • Appendix 1: Disclosure Certification
    • Appendix 2: Induction Checklist
    • Appendix 3: Sample Session Plan
    • Appendix 4: Sample Delivery Log
    • Appendix 5: Sample Feedback and Evaluation Forms
    • Appendix 6: Training Organisations and Further Contacts
    • Appendix 7: Safe and Sound Leaflet
    • Appendix 8: Code of practice Leaflet
  • "A very useful pack, offering clear advice, guidelines and routes forward for the ASL, and guidance for the teacher responsible."

  • -- Jane Powell, Chase High School
  • "This resource provides comprehensive professional development for ASL supporting curriculum physical education."

  • -- Sue Wilkinson, Director, National College for Continuing Professional Development

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    The Association for Physical Education (afPE) is a subject association devoted to maintaining high standards and safe practice in all aspects and at all levels of physical education and school sport and, uniquely, is a licensed provider for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the subject. The new association was launched in March 2006 (both baalpe and PEA UK dissolved in order to form afPE) and provides quality-assured membership services, employment support and resources. For more information and for details on how to become a member, visit

    sports coach UK:

    Formerly known as The National Coaching Foundation, sports coach UK is the leading organisation dedicated to the development of coaching and coaches in the United Kingdom, and has provided educational and development opportunities for coaches of all levels and across all sports. As a registered charity, the organisation has developed a range of titles and workshops to support coaches at all levels. For more information on sport coach UK workshops, please visit