Learning Through Sport: Maths & English

Learning Through Sport: Maths & English

Learning Through Sport: Maths & English

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Improve key stage 2 Maths and English performance through fun sports activities.

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  • Teach English and Maths through Sport to improve your pupils' SATs performance

    Learning Through Sport will bring learning to life for your pupils.

    Fun sports-based activities will allow your children to learn Key Stage 2 Maths and English in an enjoyable way, helping them to retain information and ultimately perform better in their SATs.

    Maximise your valuable teaching time

    By combining study and sport, your pupils can learn more, have more fun and perform better in SATs. And you can maximise teaching time and achieve the government targets.

    A real example

    In Worcester, primary schools are benefiting from an initiative designed by the University of Worcester involving local sports teams. The Worcester Wolves basketball team visited the schools twice a week, spending one session playing sport and the other focusing on study. The children used what they had done in the sports sessions as the example for English and Maths-related questions.

  • This vibrant, easy-to-use resource pack consists of:

    • a Maths activities CD-ROM
    • an English activities CD-ROM
    • a guidance booklet.

    The English CD-ROM contains activities on writing, spelling, reading and comprehension, and sets creative tasks such as writing a story or designing an advert for their local sports day.

    The Maths CD-ROM prompts children to solve numerical problems, within a sporting context, using a variety of methods such as analysing graphs, charts and tables; calculating fractions, percentages, probability and ratio; understanding integers, space and measurements; and much more.

    The guidance booklet is full of information on how to arrange partnerships with local universities and FE/HE colleges, and tips on how you can get your local sports heroes involved in supporting and mentoring your pupils during lessons.

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